CenterView® - Finds Problems and Fixes Them

Simply put CenterView is designed to find problems in your current systems and then fix them. This includes problems within individual systems (e.g. input or configuration errors), as well as problems in the interfaces between systems (e.g. data reconciliation errors or data processing failures).

Absolutely No Programming

CenterView is designed for users with little or no programming experience:

  • Drag and drop modelling
  • ActiveCollectors™ are configured to fetch data from files and databases
  • Excel-like skills are used to merge, enrich and generally analyse the data
  • Alarm conditions and behaviours are fully configured
  • ActiveExporters™ are configured to update other business systems

This innovative approach gives non-technical users the ability to build their own processes in rapid, iterative steps within a fully managed environment without the need for expensive programming resources.

  • Free up staff
  • Perform more analysis & checks in less time
  • Automatically correct errors introduced by other systems/processes
  • Implement checks in days not weeks
  • CenterView can pay for itself within months

CenterView’s approach puts the end user in charge of building their processes. By removing the need for costly and time consuming development cycles, users can decide to create a new process whenever they need it.

Combine simple concepts to create a powerful solution